The lowest SAR cell phones available from Verizon Wireless

I am a Verizon Wireless customer, and found that I could not find any list of the SAR ratings (or a list of low-SAR phones) of the phones that are currently offering.  So, being the good dad and techno-geek, I crawled through all their web pages and created the table below.  You can see that there are a few phones that fall below 0.8 SAR (measured at the head, in W/Kg), while many are close to the allowable limit - up in the 1.2 to 1.5 range. All the numbers were found on the Verizon wireless web site on July 31, 2008. I expect they are correct, but only checked one value against the manufacturers web site.  It should be obvious, but I am unrelated to any of these companies and report this information for educational purposes.

The LG Voyager or the Samsung Alias seem like good choices if you want a high tech phone with a camera and other features and low head and body SAR. The Samsung SCH-U340 has the lowest head SAR, but the body SAR for that phone is 1.38.

The Verizon coupe has low SAR and is an option for low-tech phone users - it is made as a simple phone for seniors, and as such does not have a camera. Its head SAR rating is very low, and it has the lowest SAR rating measured on the body of all the phones I saw.

I am sad to say that the Motorola W385 has the highest head-measured SAR of all the verizon phones offered at 1.54 W/Kg. What are they thinking?

Phone Manufacturer / Phone Name / SAR (measured at the head) in W/Kg

LG Chocolate 3 1.26
LG Dare 1.09
LG Decoy 1.22
LG enV 1.34
LG Venus 1.26
LG Voyager VX10000 0.76 (Body SAR 0.89)
LG VX5400 1.2
LG VX8350 1.3
LG VX9400 1.25

Motorola MOTO W755 0.8 (Body SAR 1.12)
Motorola MOTO Z6c 1.27
Motorola MOTORAZR V9m 0.71 (Body SAR 1.13)
Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv 1.27
Motorola W385 1.54

Nokia 6205 0.94

Samsung Alias SCH-U740 0.68 (Body SAR 0.5)
Samsung FlipShot 1.4
Samsung Gleam 0.87
Samsung Glyde 1.08
Samsung Juke 1.24
Samsung SCH-U340 0.52 (Body SAR 1.38)
Samsung SCH-U410 1.36
Samsung SCH-U550 1.39

Verizon CDM 8905 1.32
Verizon Coupe 0.63 (Body SAR 0.25)

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